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ARS  1.818
AUD  0.347
BHD  0.102
BDT  23.110
BRL  1.818
BND  1.818
BGN  0.502
BIF  512.821
CAD  0.341
GHC  4.545
XAF  161.290
CNY  2.717
COP  898.610
HRK  1.850
CZK  6.680
DKK  1.672
DJF  16.611
EGP  3.636
ETB  7.323
EUR  0.222
GBP  0.198
HKD  2.117
ISK  31.856
INR  19.782
IDR  3786.875
JMD  33.636
JPY  27.027
JOD  0.192
KES  27.927
KWD  0.082
LBP  400.000
LYD  2.867
MWK  0.006
MYR  1.060
MVR  4.184
MUR  9.643
MXN  4.943
MAD  2.646
MMK  370.370
NGN  76.923
NPR  31.700
NZD  0.373
NOK  1.534
OMR  0.104
PKR  43.550
PHP  13.070
QAR  0.971
RUB  7.407
RWF  256.410
SAR  1.018
SCP  0.199
CSD  7.438
SGD  0.357
ZAR  3.922
KRW  500.000
LKR  52.010
SDP  0.602
SEK  2.198
CHF  0.240
SYP  40.000
TZS  3.472
THB  8.120
TND  0.551
TRL  1.166
UGX  919.625
USD  0.272
YER  55.556
ZMK  3.056
ZWD  98.522

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The Joyalukkas brand was born in 1987. At a time when most people saw few opportunities in the desert, Mr. Joy Alukkas saw an oasis of possibilities. With stores in the USA, UK, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and India, Joyalukkas is now a multi-billion dollar company serving in different verticals such as jewellery, money exchange, fashion &silks, luxury air charter, malls, etc., with a customer base of 10 million. With over 110 showrooms to call our own, we are one of the most popular jewellery retail chains in the world. It has been awarded ‘SuperBrand’ of the year for the sixth consecutive time. And it was in 2006 that the Joyalukkas brand diversified into money exchange with an objective to offer the large expatriate population based in the UAE with a quick, reliable and convenient means of transferring money back home, at the best rates possible every single time. Joyalukkas Exchange has tied up with leading banks and financial institutions across the globe and is currently one of the main agents of Western Union and also the recipient of several awards for excellence from esteemed organizations and bodies like Western Union, Club 500, Cooperation Excellence, etc. In addition to our retail operations, we also offer specifically tailored offerings for corporate clients. Our multiple financial solutions include remittance, currency exchange, payroll solutions, international mobile top-ups, savings schemes, bill payments and air ticket payments all under one roof. Our key benefits also include better exchange rates, lower charges, extended working hours, free collection and delivery. We also specialize in foreign exchange and have an adept division that trades foreign currency with banks and other financial institutions. Today Joyalukkas Exchange caters to over hundreds of thousands of customers in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and India, where we give every customer an experience like never before, and promise them unmatched rates and services every single time

Terms & Conditions

How It's Works

The process has been defined in following steps:

a) Obtain ‘Customer Code’

b) Registration in ‘Joyalukkas WebRemit’

c) Create Transactions

d) Transaction History

e) Contact us

In Detail

a) Obtain Customer Code from any of our Exchange branch

- Visit any branch of Joyalukkas Exchange (UAE, Kuwait & Oman) and present your valid photo id along with other required documents and request for the registration. Our CSE will conduct the KYC and will register the customer profile in our core application. Once registered a 10digit code (Customer Code) will be furnished to the customer. A welcome SMS will be delivered to the customer which will also contain the code.

b) Registration in ‘Joyalukkas WebRemit’

Once ‘Customer Code’ is received; visit ‘Joyalukkas WebRemit’ and hit “Register”. - Enter customer code - Enter registered mobile no (furnished while registration at branch) - If correct (both credential matches to a single profile); customer profile information will be displayed for acceptance - Customer verifies the detail and accepts the profile to proceed - Customer will be prompted to enter her/his email id. A verification code will be sent to the email id (to ensure the email is correct) - Customer will enter the verification code (obtains from email inbox). If correct following fields will be displayed to enter: - Selection of an Image (this will be displayed while login) - Assign a Nick Name for the image - Set an answer for the security questions - Create password for Login & Transaction - Submit the request - A customer is successfully registered in ‘Joyalukkas WebRemit’

c) Create Transactions

Customer can view their complete beneficiary details registered through the branches. If required customer can lodge a request to add new beneficiary. Select the beneficiary you want to transact, enter the amount (either send amount or receive amount), customer may also enter the Promo Code to avail the discount (if applicable). Confirm the Terms & Conditions and enter the ‘Transaction Password’ Proceed with the Payment

Payment Type:

1) Account Transfer (applicable for UAE only)

Arrange to transfer equivalent send amount to Joyalukkas Exchange any bank account. Account detail is mentioned in the page, also it has been mentioned in the welcome email sent to the customer while registration. Once transferred, enter the transfer reference number in ‘Joyalukkas WebRemit’ Click Submit

2) KNET ‘Card Payment’ (applicable for Kuwait only)

System will auto divert to the Payment Gateway Enter Card No, card expiry date and the CVV No (as requested by the page) Click submit (based on card issuer additional security may apply) Once payment is confirmed, transaction will be executed successfully

Transaction History

Every created transaction can be viewed by the customer at any time Transaction status can be verified, also a report can be generated at any time

Contact us

In case of any suggestion or query, customer can reach to us through the ‘Contact us’ Customer can even segregate the suggestion/query type, which will assist ‘Joyalukkas WebRemit’ to filter the query and respond with the soonest possible time All suggestions/queries will be stored confidentially and will be used to improve the service of ‘Joyalukkas WebRemit’

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Joyalukkas Exchange
New Century City Tower Bldg, 5th Floor
Pb No 171468, Dubai,UAE
Phone: +971 4 2566027

Joyalukkas Exchange
Opposite ROP
Ruwi Near Joyalukkas Centre,Oman
Phone: +968 24 794017

Joyalukkas Exchange Co WLL
Pb No: 739, Code 15258, 4th Floor
Panasonic Tower Safat, Kuwait City,Kuwait
Phone: +965 22279477
Mobile: +965 69032545